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Project Summary

A AGRO CONNECT AGC is a token (BEP20) created exclusively for the farming market. We bring the opportunity for anyone to undertake the fastest-growing business in the world, the farming market.


WhitePaper NFT

An investment where everyone wins!

What Does The Investor Gain Before The Slaughter?

At AGRO CONNECT AGC, in addition to the gains from the appreciation of the currency that occurs naturally with new investors coming, all holders will be able to place their tokens on the passive income platform, receiving reflection BNB automatically according to the purchase and sale on the chart.

What Does The Investor Gain After The Slaughter?

After the slaughter, 20% of all profit will be injected and burned on the chart, generating token appreciation and scarcity.

Executive Team

Who is in charge of executing the project?

Bruno Genrique


Luiz Henrique


Jacson Marçal


Cristhian Reis




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